DIY Rug Tufting with Danella Punch needle

 Tufted woolen-rugs provide healthy and balanced indoor climate,  are soundproofing and makes cozy and warm floors.

Selarug  invent and develop alternative materials, tufting frames

and patterns for rug punch crafters.

You don't have to be a pro in handcraft, good results depend on whether the tools, frame and materials match. That’s where we come in—we help you find the right products.

Maybe you already have Danella needle or regular punch needle and tufting frame  and you have discovered the possibilities and values of

artwork with your own personal touch ... maybe you`re

disappointed about results ...

or you still dream making home textiles yourself,  but for some reason,

have not gotten started yet ...

With our tufting frames, any kind of punch needle, some yarn and a piece of hessian fabric  any rug craft projects kan be done. Will it be a Carpet or Wall covering , a little Rug,Christmas Stocking, Pillowcas, Toy for children, Warm Slippers, Handbag or Unique Vest for the winter - there are  endless possibilities!