Danella rug punch needle and accessories.

Danella punch needle is hand driven tool for making rugs.

You will also need a frame, tufting fabric, and yarn.

Good results depend on materials and tools matching each other.

Save your money (and time), buy everything in one place.

We sell only what we use ourselves, so you can be sure it works.

Create with ease your very own unique artworks for yourself, for gifts and for sale.

This one-time investment will soon pay off.


Our durable frames for rug punch needle, guarantee that the fabric will be tightened up like a drum.

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The Danella tool is ...

The Danella tool is a reliable punch needle for making rugs.

It works like a manual sewing machine, but instead of thread, yarn is used.

Without a frame ...

Without a frame, punch needle can`t be used.

With a tufting frame, you'll be able to use the Danella punch needle with ease.

Our tufting frames are the result of long-term development and testing in collaboration with a local cabinetmaker and rug punching experts.

That can get frustrating ...

That can get frustrating when you've spent a lot of money on the Danella tool and then find out, it requires a special frame to stretch the fabric.

Maybe you'll find a cheap rug punch frame online, but can get disappointed, if the frame does not hold the fabric tightly.

Don't worry, you are not alone! Many other crafters, including me, have made that mistake.

By using our tufting frames, you can be sure, the fabric is strongly tight while working.

The Danella needle works by ...

The Danella needle works by twisting the crank.

This special semi-automatic punch needle moves forward itself, making stitches of the same length.

The needle pushes the yarn through a special tufting fabric, covering the surface of the fabric with loops from yarn.

Which frame to choose ...

Size of tufting frame does not depend on the size of your project, all our frames can be used for any size punching projects.

Which frame is best for tufting ...

The best tufting frames have a stable fastening, which ensures maximum tightness of the fabric while punching with Danella hooking tool.