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Danella needle.

Danella needle.

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Danella needle is hand driven tool for making rye tufting / smyrna sewing with yarn.

With the Danella carpet needle, you can design your own home textiles, whether it's a carpet, a wall covering, a Christmas stocking, a cushion cover, a toy for your child, warm slippers, a handbag or a vest for winter. With the help of Danella yarn, frame, ready-made patterns and kits your one-time investment will soon pay off.

Create your very own unique works with Danella hooking tool.
Now it's here, the same well-proven and reliable.

You don't have to be a pro to do it, good results depend on whether the tools and materials match. That's where we come in—we help you find the right products for each project you tackle..

It only takes a few hours with the Danella needle and the sofa cushion ready. You can  make a lot of presents for Christmas, Valentin dag, Easter.

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DIY pattern with Snowflake

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Rug hooking frames to Danella needle.

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