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Poppy Blossoms-1148, digital download.

Poppy Blossoms-1148, digital download.

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Bring the beauty of nature indoors with Poppy Blossoms-1148! This stunning digital download pattern makes it easy to create a hand-crafted rug featuring vibrant blooms. Whether you're an experienced crafter or just getting started, Poppy Blossoms-1148 is sure to bring unique beauty and joy to your home.

Poppy Blossoms pattern for rug hooking with Danella needle.
Size: 150 x 113 cm / 59 x 44"
The pattern includes 42 A4-sized sheets for downloading and printing at home.
Cut the sides of each sheet, following the marked lines.
Each sheet has two numbers in the upper left corner, the first is the column number, and the second is the row number.
Tape the sheets together into a whole pattern.
The pattern uses 23 colors. You don't have to use all of them, some similar tones can be grouped into fewer colors.


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Frame for rug crafting with punch needle.

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Rug hooking frames to Danella needle.

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