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Frame for rug crafting with punch needle.

Frame for rug crafting with punch needle.

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With a tufting frame, you'll be able to use the Danella punch needle with ease. This frame is essential for keeping your fabric tight while you work, and it's built to last for generations.

Without a tufting frame, punch needle can not be used.

That can get frustrating when you've spent a lot of money on the Danella tool and find out that without a frame the tufting fabric can't be kept tight. You buy a cheap rug punch frame online but can get  disappointed, if the frame does not hold the fabric tightly, (Don't worry, you are not alone! Many other crafters, including me, have made that mistake.)

Our tufting frames are the result of long-term development and testing in collaboration with a local cabinetmaker and tuftings experts.

This variant of rug punch- and Danella needle, are oak crafts of wood. The edges and corners of the frame are rounded, and corner joints are secured with dowels.

You can choose between two sizes:

Small frame: 47 x 47 cm/  19 x 19"

Stor frame: 58 x 58 cm/ 23 x 23"

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