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1225- Fun puppy in warm colors

1225- Fun puppy in warm colors

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Fun Puppy pattern size is 90 x 90cm/ 37 x 37"

The pattern consists of 20 A4 sheets.

Print them out, and cut off the pages after the lines.

Lay sheets together with the help of the number on the sheets.

Fix them with tape and transfer the pattern to the jute/hessian fabric.

Stretch the fabric on your tufting frame.

Now you're ready for tufting with the Danella punch needle.

Make a kid's room cozy with this Puppy in warm colors!

Kids love it for sure!

 Make pillows, wall hangings, rugs, decorations for clothes, bags, etc.

You can make as many as you want!

Supper idea as a gift or for sale.

Perhaps you have already discovered the possibility of saving money by making (many) gifts (almost free).

There's also the opportunity to earn a little extra cash by selling unique creations!

Good punching!

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