Kollektion: DanellaShop

You are a creative soul in search of the perfect tool for your own creative needs. You are not looking for miracles, no, just results. Something that is efficient and practical, also with the right amount of quality.

We are excited to announce that Danella needle is soon available through our online shop.

A Danella tool is used to punch loops through a fairly loose woven fabric. No need to be a professional rug maker, as you can use this tool to create all sorts of things: rugs that can be hung on the wall or on the floor, cushions for your sofa, wall hangings and even carpets or upholstery.

Carpet hooking is a craft that has been around for centuries. In 1939, Ernst Thomsen from Denmark invented a hand-held tool that sped up the hooking process and made it possible to create large rugs in a reasonable amount of time. This tool was originally marketed under the name Aladdin Carpet Needle until 1952 when it was changed to the Danella Rug Hooking Tool.